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The Good Luck Duck
Picking up, selling out, and moving on for no good reason. Our mothers would be appalled. Our truck came fully equipped and preloaded with a stuffed duck, whom we are keeping for good luck.

Dawn and Denise living as nomads to keep from being committed to the local lunatic asylum by their friends and family. 
Running Down Our Dream
Jim & Nanc We are retired and have been fulltimers since July4, 2007. We are traveling North America in our Dutch Star motorhome.
Travel the country's back roads, and just marvel at America's beauty? That is the dream that my partner, Betsy, and I decided to make a reality. This blog describes our adventure.
Our Newell Adventure
Join us for our Newell adventure and experience!
After 26 years in the military and 13 years in the corporate world, we decided to retire early and live and travel full time in an RV.
Life On the Open Road
I have been a full-time RVer for more than 10 years, boondooking in the western US.
Thom & Dar's Sabbatical Journal
In 2007 we held our breath and jumped into the fulltime lifestyle -- and found it fits us just fine. The Journal is a record of our travels, adventures, thoughts, and emotions.
Ed & Marilyn "The Happy Wanderers"
After years of morning conversation over coffee, countless visits to RV dealers, many happy weekends of travel and camping in smaller RV's and three backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon, we decided to become full-time RVers. 
I am a retired professional Forester exploring and writing about the public lands of the United States

Travels in theWilly Wagon
Just as the pioneers traveled in their covered wagons across this land, so are we. Theirs was a covered wagon. Ours is a Willy Wagon.
A fulltimer in a moble world. Independent RV Lifestyle, Gate Guarding and such as that... See his MyOldRV Forum
Travel with the Bayfield Bunch
Kelly & Al are a quiet couple who live with their 3 dogs in a cozy mobile home in the 5 Seasons Resort Bayfield, Ontario Canada. We travel to the American southwest during the winter months. I am a quiet sort of fellow who prefers to walk his  own path and not bother anyone along the way.
Skool'z Out Forever!
We live and travel in our motorhome along with our two Scottish Terriers,
Roadtrip '09
Harley (the cat) and I head south in the winter to explore the backroads, deserts, coasts, forests, beaches, of the southern US and Baja, Mexico!  We hope you enjoy reading about our travels.
Mark and Chris's Phaeton Place
I recently retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after 32 years and Chris retired from full time nursing this spring.We became fulltimers in the spring of 2009
An Indian and a Gypsy
This is the travels of Joe and Nancy.  Come be with us as we travel.
Our New Lifestyle - New Beginnings 
We are full-time RVers since February 2005. Here we will share all we learn while living our dream life. We are living our lives loving every moment and enjoying every mile.

Pam and Randy started this in 2007 to get out of their house and into a MH and on the road in summer 2009. Follow along.
Dale and Gwen are trying fulltime RV living for the first time and reporting their experience with daily adventures along with their dog Morgan and cat, Annie.
On The Road Again
An female RV soloist on the move and also workcamping in her HitchHiker II.
The Oasis Of My Soul
 The Oasis of my Soul Journey, AraÂ� and my buddy Spirit closing in on our 5th year full time on the road.  Spirit says HI!  Be well… always.
Somewhere in Time
We have dreamed about retiring and traveling all our married life. Now that we are drawing close to that time we decided to chronical all the events leading up to that time.
Welcome to Sean and Louise's Home Page
Now they still have a RV but it's a boat RV. The Odyssey!
Our Prime Years   formerly  From the Lily Pad 
Stu and Donna hit the road in their 5th wheel toy hauler for their Harley-Davidson trike, seeking out new adventures as they travel.
live work dream
 In June, 2007, they packed up and began traveling around North America with their three-legged dog Jerry in search of the next big thing. So stick around  the ride promises to be an exciting one.
Travel By Desine
New blog with the travels of Don and Lou
Bonehead's Traveling People 
Traveling around since Spring of 2006 in our 5th wheel/toy hauler with the wonderful memories of our cat, Bonehead. Shes gone but the blog will still retain her name. We love exploring ghost towns, metal detecting, geocaching, and riding the Harley and quad when its not cold out.
Damn Near Perfect Couple
We after 35+ years together have become, at least for each other, the Damn Near Perfect Couple. We're full-timing in our motorhome, doing volunteer work for public agencies and enjoying the freedom of traveling when and where we like  
A Big Rig looking for a Tent Experience. See where we boondocked over the years. Camp Hosting AGAIN this summer.
Just Bought a MH.. read all about it.
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