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Rolling in a RV - Wheelchair Traveling
We've been fulltiming since 1993. In Oct. of 1993 I damaged my spinal cord and now in a wheelchair.  Our new handicapped motorhome was finished in Oct. 1994. We got back on the road!

Billy Bob's Travels
You have entered the world of travel and nonsense with Billy Bob and friends.
Travel Bug
Travel is my passion. Check out my blog for travel items, and day-to-day random thoughts and actions. Enthusiastic, fun-loving traveler and hopeful romantic.
Our trip report for our winter 2009 trip to Baja and the American Southwest.
Our Awesome Travels
Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America  in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Yippee Tyo's!
We are retired airline people, who are excited to become road trip people.
The Moho and Other Traveling Tales
We are Sue, retired (partly working) soil scientist, and Mo, retired teacher, currently living in Rocky Point, Oregon, not far from Crater Lake, east of Medford and west of Klamath Falls.
Living The Dream...
Just shy of our 55th birthdays, we retired and started our life as gypsies. We prefer dry camping (boondocking), getting as far away from civilization as possible.
Life Unscripted
October 1, 2011 we hung up our money-grubbing gloves and donned a new wardrobe. Retiring earlier than planned meant we were younger, more active, and really excited to do things we would not have considered had we waited. 
Gordons Geezer Grumblings
We will continue to tell you about all of our activities and keep you up to date as we travel between our favorite destination parks.
New blog started Sept. 1 Old blog
Seeing the USA in our Chevrolet

Our Great American Adventure
It is a record of our several-years-long bucket-list type trip across America in our motor-home. We will follow our hearts, not an itinerary. We will focus on the Journey, not on a destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it.
We met in Quartzsite, AZ. You can get anything in Quartzsite for rving and we got each other. Despite being from the same small town (Salem, OH) we had not met. Enjoying our life together. This summer we are doing the NM State Parks for 7.5 months.
Our dream to visit all of the US National Parks in a short period of time (59 parks in 59 weeks) evolved unexpectedly, but quickly. We hope to present a message of freedom and spirituality. Our purpose is not to develop a review site.  Rather we expect to tell the story of what it is like for two people to plan and make such a trip.  Our j
Donna has been on the road since 1998 and Bob since 2004. We met December 2005 on the desert in Quartzsite AZ.  We joined together and are traveling in in a motorhome we purchased together in 2007.
R Sanity RV Adventures
Retired Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer and retired Nursing Home Administrator. December 2011, we realized our dream and headed out 
as newly minted full time RV travelers.
Winnie Views
A gal and her dog hit the open road in their Skinnie Winnie to explore America.
Bob and Linda's RV Travels
We are full time RV'ers. We started full time Sept 2005. We travel with two dogs. Our toys include a Sea Eagle inflatible 370 kayak and a Sea Eagle Fishermen. We also both have folding bikes
Where the wind goes
Nicole and Annie travel in their Dodge B250 Maxi Van Camper
I am too young to retire, yet old enough to know I do not want to work 50 weeks a year for a two week paid vacation. Life is too short to waste so live every moment in the Now.
Texas Reflections Photography Journey
Since retirement I have taken up photography, increased hiking and camping opportunities. Though married, I travel solo as my wife is not interested in camping...she is however very supportive of my fact has become my "offsite"  navigator.

In 2010 Shannon and Brian sold most of their worldly possessions, packed the rest in an RV, and set out on the first leg of a global travel adventure.
We recently took delivery of a 2012 27 foot Airstream Flying Cloud and are heading south for the winter.
Life's Little Adventures
We retired early, sold our house and belongings, and left Pensacola Oct. 2008 to travel full-time in our 30' Lazy Daze motorhome.
5th-Wheel Wanderings 
We are retired, RVers out to see as much of North America as we can. Join us as we explore this magnificent continent and appreciate God's creation.
Box Canyon Blog
There exists within some an exceptional impulse to wander... Join us, wont you, as we come and go from our home in Lovely Ouray, Colorado
Meryl and Me Hit the Road
Our travels in and life with a 2011 Roadtrek 190 Popular. An adventure in RVing by two people who have never been inside an RV or travel trailer before but find out of necessity that this is now their method of travel...
Where's Eldo?
Eldy has researched this lifestyle for the last ten years, so with confidence, we set out full timing in June, 2010. We haven't regretted a single moment!
Wheeling It
In early 2010 the hubby, the 2 cats, the dog and I quit our day jobs, packed our lives away and moved into a 40-foot tin-can home to follow our dream of living an alternative life and exploring the US on wheels.
Travel with Kevin and Ruth
Travelling in Sherman, our 28 foot Damon Daybreak motorhome. We don't like winter, unless we're spending it in Mexico, a country we like very much.
Living and Boondocking in Mexico
Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal, It's the good life to be free and explore the unknown. That's living and boondocking in Mexico. Come on in!
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