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Pau Hana Travels   (This links to the first day of their Alaska trip)
Our name says it all “Pau Hana”, which translates to Done with Work, Quitting Time or Happy Hour in Hawaiian. This is an OMG site. They have posted like 50 videos (all in order) of their 2017 travels from the US up through Canada and all around Alaska with many side trips. Even all they way up to Prudhoe Bay. All you need to do is get a map and follow along.  They show driving the roads and where they camped.  Moistly boondocking. You won't believe the great FS and BLM places they found for free.  I'm just saying if you have this trip on your bucket list or just want to dream this is like doing it. It shows an adventure like this is possible. Each segment shows costs they incured. To watch all in order set Youtube slider to AUTOPLAY. You are going  to want to binge watch this. About them. Our Back Story and RV life

Imagine Travel Discover
We’re Bob and Sonia and we love to travel. In fact our love of travel brought us together when we met in Mexico while exploring the Copper Canyons of Chihuahua.
We are independent travelers meaning we travel by our own design.

Travels with Towhee
Travel allows me to see new things, taste different kinds of food, meet all sorts of wonderful people, and enjoy the pure fascination I have with all of that.
This RV trailer that I now own is a perfect way to travel on land.
Downsize Living Supersize Life
New content will be posted every Monday and I hope you’ll follow along on the adventure, and contribute to the conversation. 
It’s all about making and having a Supersize Life

Travel with Keven and Ruth
The informative diary style of writing keeps readers tuned in to their activities on a daily basis. The detailed accounts of their RV and motorhome travel throughout North America and Mexico have prompted many of their readers to take on the same lifestyle.
Bill and Jan RVing in the USA
Our travel interests include exploring new places, attending RV rallies, museums, festivals, historic sites, scenic sites and out of the way oddball things.  
Our travels have introduced us to many wonderful people while traveling the USA.  
Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mountains
Retired and enjoying life. 2015 was our year to downsize and focus on living simply. Spend time with all our traveling friends who are more family and friends. Favorite place is the desert in the winter!

The Roadrunner Chronicles
We have been on the road since May 2009 and are in our seventh year.  We learn something new everyday and like to see and meet new people.  We have gotten reacquainted with family and friends from coast to coast and border to border.  We have travelled over 100,000 miles. It seems as if we are just getting started.

More than Wheelin
We are Camille and Bryce, married, former workaholics, who traded in Corporate America for North America, to explore new places, people, and possibilities.
Hebard's Travels
In 2016, we sold everything, bought a 5th Wheel and left our careers to start a new journey on the open road. We created our own journey, challenging societal norms, and living more freely.

 Camper Chronicles
Lee and Tracy are working fultimers who have completed several stints as workampers to finance their adventures. They write about their adventures (the good and bad) to entertain, but also to help others who want to live the full time lifestyle.

Traveling in S. E. Idaho this summer?

 Come visit BLM Blackfoot Reservoir east of  Pocatello on US 30 near famous Lava Hot Springs. Paved road off HW 34 The shortcut to Jacson Hole which the tour busses take. Developed campground with fishing, picnicking, boating. 16 developed w/shelters picnic tables and 14 dispersed campsites. Camping is $10/night ($5/w Golden Access/Age) add $5 for electric hookups. Dispersed sites $5 ($2.50 w/GA) fire rings, vault toilets,Day Usere $5 Accessible fishing, parking lots, Potable water, and a dump station ($5 or free with campsite)
15 miles north of Soda Springs, ID
X Marks to spot. Several big rig friendly pull throughs.
We at are the camp hosts again this year.
We even have moose wonder through the campground.
See this link for campground pictures
Mountain Modern Life
My husband and I recently renovated our (new to us) RV with a blend of old and new, and are currently traveling the US in search of the perfect mountain town to call home

Drive Dive Devour
We switched our stationary life to travel the US in a motorhome and explore all its unique regions and cities. We’ll give you the low down on our favorite finds, so you can experience each locale with us or when you visit yourself!
We're full-time RVers who have traveled to all of the lower 48 states of the USA over the past 2 years, sharing our journey and learnings along the way. We want to help YOU hit the road and live your RV dreams too.
David and Keng on the Road
We are David and Keng. Welcome to our virtual home, a place to document our life on the road. In July 2016, after living in Richmond, Virginia, we retired,  sold our house, became full-time RVers, and moved back to the West. Finally, Oregonians again.
Raven & Chickadee
If you enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, birding, art, music, quirky towns, good food, and good friends—you'll enjoy traveling with us. Join us as we explore the backroads of North America

Venture Wild
Life is just one big adventure. Venture Wild is a place, for the doers, explorers, dream chasers and anyone who has a travel itch. Wether you’re planning your next trip, or just dreaming about an adventure, hang with us- inspiration abounds!
The Traveling Sitcom
We plan on seeing the country, and living the stress free life that we hope goes along with it. We are learning the ropes as we go.  And believe me, there is lots to learn!  Join in our travels.  You will soon see why I call it a Sitcom! 
Tioga and George George is back exploring in an RV after moving out of his San Diego apt. sharing his adventures. His NEW stories are something to behold. Also has a bigger trailer as a base in an RV park. Go George!!  Installer Orchard
Forget about what the world tells you your life should be like. At Interstellar Orchard I teach people how to ditch the status quo and go full-time RVing before retirement. Included at no additional charge: seizing your dreams, living boldly, and making a difference.
American Roadtrip
We decided we weren't very happy living the 'American Dream' It was decided, we would sell our house, get rid of our stuff, and move into an RV.  Crazy, right?! But we haven't looked back since!

The More we Explore
We are adventures, videographers and explores dedicated to exploring more of the existing planet. You're invided to explore with us.
idle theory bus
In 2012 we traded our sedentary lives for the unknown of life on the road. Ever since we have traveled the US fulltime, working, playing, and doing nothing under the sky.
The Reckless Choice
In 2015 we decided that we’d like to travel around the country more and that living in an RV full time might be a fun way to do it. This blog chronicles our adventures with renovating a 1989 Winnebago and the travels that we take it on.

The Chouters & Scoopy
In 2013, we bought a motorhome after many years of travel in our beloved popup camper, "Alfred Hitchpop". Follow us as we share our wild and wonderful adventures in "Scoopy", our new home.

Ditching Suburbia is for families who’ve achieved the “American Dream” but find it boring. Or unfulfilling. Or a lie. You visted a cool place and wondered how could we do more of that?

 The only mobile Internet connection that is always available is satellite.
This rather "amazing" option will provide Internet access virtually anywhere in the lower 48 states of the United States.
They offer the NEW HughesNet Gen 5 Mobile unit.  Hitchitch has it and loves it.

Watsons Wander
Since 2012 we have traveled the U.S. living and working from our renovated 25 ft Airstream. Follow us on our crazy journey in search of scernery, fun adventures, people, tasty foods, and more.

Drivin' & Vibin'
Our dream is to live deliberately and minimally, removing the clutter and fostering our relationships with the community and natural world. We plan to live full time in our camper, exploring all of life's nuances as we ease down the road
Live Free | Ride Free
We are Ching and Jerud, a couple of outdoor enthusiasts who decided it was time to make the nomadic lifestyle happen for ourselves.  With that in mind, we hit the road with the goal to show that living fossil fuel free in an RV is possible. A 25 ft. RV that is powered by solar panels and a truck that runs on waste vegetable oil.
The Roamans
Girl #1 Desk-bound. Pressed for time. Drafting contracts and underwhelmed. Girl #2 Writting fashing copy in an office-- vexed by an unrelentting commute. Quite Jobs...  Buy RV Ta-Da The Raomans
We’re Joe and Kait Russo, modern day explorers on a journey to experience the world together one step and one bite at a time. Monthly expenses and income reports.
We’re Jason and Kristin Snow, a travel-addicted couple who walked away from cubicles and conventional lives two years ago to roam full-time, gaining valuable perspective on life and meeting new friends at every turn. We hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and collect experiences instead of things.
The Lady Is A Tramp
I’m Tammy, a trial attorney specializing in medical malpractice defense in Seattle, Washington.  After 20 years of practice, I decided another 20 years was too long to wait, and on March 31, 2015, I ceased practicing law at the age of 46.  Right now, I’m out on the open road
I consider myself extremely blessed to be able to live this lifestyle. I’ve experienced a lot since I took off and want to share what I’ve learned along the way.
Flying The Koop
Follow our travels and share the experience of jumping into the full-time RV lifestyle for anyone who’s interested. We’ll try not to sugar-coat things; we’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly. Come along and enjoy the ride! You can read about our progression to full-time here.
On The Road....... Again
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that counts. It's the life in your years.

We enjoy traveling this beautiful country with our Casita and friends. Tales and trails of our little white egg.
Modern Day Gypsies
Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. Full-Timing in our RV with God by our side!
Gone With The Wynns
We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn, a couple of perpetual travelers and modern day documentarians. We share in hopes of inspiring you to fi
Our Trip Around the Sun
We now call home our Newmar Dutch Star. We officially left Indiana and started our travels in November 2010. We plan to tour the U.S. and workamp from time to time.
Geeks on Tour Blog
 2 computer geeks live, work, and travel in their Motorhome giving seminars at RV Rallies. You know them from their Geeks on Tour  website.
Chris & Cherie are exploring the confluence of full-time travel, technology, wanderlust, life, career and community; all while embracing nomadic serendipity.
Nick's Blog
We are fulltime RVers - our only home is the MH we travel the country in. We produce the Gypsy Journal in our MH  as we travel. Nick does a daily blog with his travel accounts as he also produces his famous Journal.

Welcome to RV-Dreams!! We are so glad to see you! Now with a popular online forum. A dedicated fulltime RVer site! This website is dedicated to the use of RVs in the pursuit of a dream lifestyle. A direct link to their RV-Dreams Journal
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