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Roving Reports by Doug P
Doug's Travel Blog. Join me on my journey as I travel the back roads, one mile at a time. This is my 10th year on the road, lovin every minute of  the full time lifestyle.

Chapter 3 Travels
We are Kevin and Laura and, since 2016, we’ve been on a mission to see as much of the United States as possible while traveling full time in our motorhome.

The MoHo and Other Traveling Tales
We are Sue, retired soil scientist, and Mo, retired teacher.I write this blog for myself first, as a journal, then for family and friends, so there could be just about anything tucked away in these pages.
Downsize Living Supersize Life
New content will be posted every Monday and I hope you’ll follow along on the adventure, and contribute to the conversation. 
It’s all about making and having a Supersize Life
Bill and Jan RVing in the USA
Our travel interests include exploring new places, attending RV rallies, museums, festivals, historic sites, scenic sites and out of the way oddball things.  
Our travels have introduced us to many wonderful people while traveling the USA. 
Travel with Keven and Ruth
The informative diary style of writing keeps readers tuned in to their activities on a daily basis. The detailed accounts of their RV and motorhome travel throughout North America and Mexico have prompted many of their readers to take on the same lifestyle.

The Chouters & Scoopy
In 2013, we bought a motorhome after many years of travel in our beloved popup camper, "Alfred Hitchpop". Follow us as we share our wild and wonderful adventures in "Scoopy", our new home.
Travel with Keven and Ruth
Kevin and Ruth Read are based in Cabri, Saskatchewan, Canada but are often seeking out worldly locales that are off the beaten path. Married for thirty years, they are now in their early fifties. They love adventure travel including hiking, camping, and exploring. And they’re never afraid to try something different!
Maineiacs In Motion
Mike and Peggy retired from a full time work schedule routine in early 2005 and we have been enjoying our "mostly" retired lifestyle ever since. When not out enjoying America in our "rolling home" (2016 Winnebago Forza 34T) - we hang out in our other home in Topsham, Maine
More than Wheelin
We are Camille and Bryce, married, former workaholics, who traded in Corporate America for North America, to explore new places, people, and possibilities.
What’s with that funny URL? divver-city??It’s just a little play-on-word. The word "diversity" is pronounced "dih VER sit ee". But if you mis-pronounce it (DIH ver SIT ee), you end up with divver-city. Diversity is the element of daily living that keeps us interested, alive, energized.

Drivin' & Vibin'
Our dream is to live deliberately and minimally, removing the clutter and fostering our relationships with the community and natural world. We plan to live full time in our camper, exploring all of life's nuances as we ease down the road
We’re Joe and Kait Russo, modern day explorers on a journey to experience the world together one step and one bite at a time. Monthly expenses and income reports.
Take To The Highway
My life has been a constant metamorphosis of sorts, always morphing into a new stage in a new place.  I have had an incurable case of wanderlust since I was a kid growing up with parents who loved to road trip on a minute’s notice.

J. Dawg Journeys
 I'm retired, traveling the country in my RV, and writing about the experiences. I'm a "sometimer" RVer traveling about half the year, sometimes with my wife, sometimes alone.
My own Highways in my nind
Fulltime RVing is a great plan for us. I am from New Jersey, he is from Louisiana. We are retired, what better way to visit family in the northeast and in the south but in our own RV!
Goza's Wanderings and Wonderings
I retired in 2014 after 31 years with the State of Louisiana. I bought a Fifth Wheel RV and Truck.  I move campgrounds, on average, about every 3 to 4 days. I like seeing a lot of different country and sights. I travel solo and record my travels in my blog
Travel website of an adventurous Canadian couple. We've visited all regions of our own beautiful country, been fortunate enough to have seen most of the rest of North America

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